We offer vegetatively propagated sea buckthorn Hippophae rhamnoides one and two years old bare root plants. Entirely outdoor propagation provides acclimatisation of young plants to shifting temperatures, low air humidity and windy conditions.

Our plants are hand made, cherished with love, care and attention to each „baby”.

Varieties are suitable for growing in zones of temperate climate.

Nursery is a subject to regular control of State plant protection service. Biosecurity is guaranteed.

Promoting better overwintering and good quality, we lift and hand out young plants only in spring time, thus shortening a gap between lifting in nursery and replanting in orchard.

We keep lifted plants cool and completely dormant until handing them out.

Marija Brūvele (Mary)

Middle sized shrub, few thorns only on tops of shoots. Average number of thorns on 10 cm of shoot length is 1,2. Fruits located on dense clusters, light orange, weight of 100 fruits is 50 – 80 g.* In Latvia ripens at the beginning of September, harvesting period until fruits get overripened is about three weeks. Comparatively resistant against fungal and bacterial pathogens**. Fruits are used for juice and oil production. Detaching index of frozen fruits is 71 ***. Most popular variety for commercial orchards.

* Weight of fruits depends on availability of water and nutrients

** Resistance of sea buckthorn against pathogens Verticillium dahliae ,Stygmina sp., Pseudomonas sp. depends on conformity of varieties to climate and proper conditions of growing.

*** Detaching index of frozen fruits indicates how many percents of fruits fall off from defoliated fruit branch, that has been frozen to – 25°C and thrown down to solid metallic plate from height of 1 m. It is important parameter, when fruits are shaken off from frozen branches. As larger the index, as easier is process.

XL – two years old, over 80 cm

L – one year old, over 50 cm

LM – one year old, 36 – 50 cm

M – one year old, 21 – 35 cm

S – one year old, 10 – 20 cm