For home gardeners

For home gardeners:

  • Purchase young plants only at well known and professional growers and retailers. Follow their guidelines.
  • Sea buckthorn leaves love sun, plant them in sunny spots.
  • Sea buckthorn roots love air and moisture. Plant them on moderately moist an well drained soils with coarse texture. Sandy loam, sandy clay loam, fine pebble and gravel soils on flat terrains is the best choice. Avoid low hollow spots and tops of hills, do not plant on dense, heavy soils with silty and fine texture.
  • Prune off 1/3 of shoot tops before planting. The more cut are roots, the more you should shorten shoots as soon as you purchase young plants. Pruning of potted plants is not needed, it refers only to bare roots.
  • Fertilising is adjusted to natural fertility of soil. Usually 150 g of complex fertiliser is applied on each young plant right after planting. In coming years topdressing by complex fertilisers up till 300 g per shrub, depending on their age and size is needed.
  • Do not place mineral fertilisers down in the planting hole, if you are not 100% sure that grains of fertiliser do not touch roots. Better disperse them upon the soil surface. It might cause some evaporating nitrogen loss, nevertheless roots will be safeguarded from chemical burns.
  • Keep young plants well protected from draught and weeds, especially during the first season. A circle of at least 50 cm in diameter around the plant must be loose, moist and clean of weeds.
  • Three years old sea buckthorn shrubs start forming root suckers. They might be unwelcome in lawns and flower beds.
  • If you plan to pick fruits by fingers instead of harvesting of whole branches, the best choice of variety is ‘Eva’. Her fruits are large and located sparse. Late picked ‘Eva’ fruits are very tasty.
  • If you are going to dispart fruits from branches by knives, hooks, loops or similar instruments, make sure they do not hurt bark of shoots. Safe tools detach single fruits. Cutting of whole fruit clusters leave large open wounds